Verulam Lodge No 6131

Welcome to the website of Verulam Lodge 6131. Verulam Lodge is within the Masonic Province of Hertfordshire and is warranted by the United Grand Lodge of England.
We hope our website will give you an insight into freemasonry and in particular Verulam Lodge.
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If you feel that becoming a freemason is of interest you can contact the secretary on the following link:

Where and when do we meet?

Unlike many Lodges who meet on weekdays, our meetings are held on Saturdays starting at 4.30pm. Over the years this has proved very popular as work pressures preclude many people who would otherwise like to become Freemasons.  The meetings last between one and two hours and are followed by dinner.

We meet in St Albans at:

Ashwell House
167 Verulam Road
St Albans

Our meeting dates are as follows:

3rd Saturday in October (Installation)
3rd Saturday in January
3rd Saturday in March
3rd Saturday in April
3rd Saturday in May